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Artificial Insemination Basic

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Objective of the course:
To train the interested farmers/educated young persons in AI technique to deliver quality AI services to the milk producers.To motivate the AI workers to take up the job enthusiastically so as to improve the genetic potential of the cattle and buffaloes to yield more milk through adoption of better dairy animal management.To Make the farmers understand the virtues of AI in genetic improvement programme in the country.
To create a pool of AI technicians to meet the increasing need of coverage of AI among the deprived section of the animal population i.e the non descript Indian cows and buffaloes.
Focus Area :
Enhance the coverage of AI in cattle and buffaloes Produce genetically superior animals through AI Management of AI services in field conditions Enhance productivity of cattle and buffaloes through systematic breeding techniques. Improve quality of animals by adoption of better health and disease management practices.
Batch Size : 20
Nature of Training : Residential
Location : Regional Demonstration and Training Centre of NDDB Duration : 45 days (75 days field training)
Target Participants : Farmers/Educated unemployed youth from Dairy Cooperatives Societies


Principal Topics in Artificial Insemination (AI)
• History of AI, Semen stations in the country, Present breeding scenario in the country, animal demographics
• Anatomy & Physiology of Reproductive organs,
• Oestrous cycle, symptoms of heat
• Technique and timing of AI, 
• Fertility problems in bovine, control and prevention
• Embryo development,Partution, Ideal calving cycle 
• Frozen semen production technique in a nutshell, Colour codes and breed codes of FSD,Pedigree Standards for breeding bulls for semen production
• Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) containers and their handling,
• Delivery of Quality of AI services, factors influencing conception rate & semen quality
• AI as a tool to augment milk production.
Allied topics:


• Different body parts of cow & buffalo. Description of different body systems
• Restraining of animals. 
• Determination of age & body weight. 
• Care & management of calves, dry, pregnant & lactating animals. 
• Feedstuff and feeding, Balance cattle feed, Ration balancing, Green fodder cultivation. Ration Balancing System, the latest tool for balancing the ration of animal.
•  Preservation & enrichment of Fodder-hay & silage making, urea straw treatment etc. 
• Importance of minerals in  Reproduction. 
• Animal insurance. 
• Importance of clean Milk production. 
• Contagious diseases of bovine, their prevention & (Vaccination, maintaining cold chain) & control. Importance of deworming.  
• Ear tagging, Record keeping etc.
• Practical, Field visits & Film shows etc.
Hands On Training: This includes palpation of female genital organs followed by passing of AI gun in live animals, Preparation of AI Gun, Fodder conservation techniques ( Silage, Hay and Urea treatment)
Study visit: Visit to Cattle Feed Plant, Semen Bank, Feed Analysis laboratory and Visit to Dairy plant constitute part of the AI basic programme.


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