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Awareness Programme on clean milk production for producers

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Course Objectives : 
  • Observe, understand and practice clean milk production techniques in their milk production and handling activites
  • Adopt clean milk production practices at farm and DCS level.  
  • Pour good quality milk at DCS
Focus Area : 
  • Improve raw milk quality
  • Awareness about improved animal management practices. 
Batch Size :  40

Duration : 1 day

Target Participants : Milk Producers of new, revived DCS, DCS with BMC or pouring milk to BMC

Brief Description of the course : Brief about dairy cooperatives and role of NDDB, Milk and its composition,Importance of CMP,microbiological quality, steps involved in clean milk production, hygienic milking procedure etc at the producer level

Visits to: Villages for demonstration of CMP and to interact with milk producer

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