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Farmers Orientation Programme (FOP)

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Course Objectives:

  • Appreciate the need for fair and transparent milk procurement operations, trained DCS staff and proactive management committee members and broad understanding of producer price paid
  • Value member involvement and participation of women members at the DCS level for efficient operations. 
  • Describe proper breeding, feeding, health care and management of animals to enhance milk production. 
  • Adopt clean milk production practices at farm and DCS level.  

Focus Area :

  • Improve participation and procurement
  • Improve raw milk quality
  • Awareness about improved animal management practices.

Enhance participation of women at the DCS level.

Batch Size :  33

Nature of Training :  Residential

Duration : 2 days

Target Participants : Members of Dairy Co-operative Society

Brief Description of the course : Brief about dairy cooperatives and role of NDDB; Animal health and productivity; Feed and fodder aspects; Clean milk production; Role of women in dairy cooperatives; Values and principles of cooperation; Educational films.

Visits to: Villages to study the functioning of a DCS; Demonstration of AI and to interact with milk producer; Amul dairy and museum; fodder demonstration farm and Cattle Feed Plant. 


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