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Business Appreciation Programme

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Objective of the course :


  • Work as effective and efficient facilitators
  • Achieve the desired key targets related to milk procurement and institutional development and facilitate member participation
  • Exhibit a high professional commitment and initiate for development of cooperative milk business
  • Understanding the concept of milk procurement pricing
  • Describe the present scenario and developments in cooperative dairying and appreciate the need for cooperatives to be competitive.

Focus Area :


  • Improve participation, coverage in terms of 'Depth' and 'Spread' and procurement
  • Improve quality of raw milk at milk reception dock
  • Awareness about improved animal management practices as a business enterprise
  • Enhance participation of women at the DCS level.

Batch Size : 20

Nature of Training : Residential

Duration :  5 days

Target Participants :  Milk procurement personnel

Brief Description of the course: Challenges faced by dairy coops & strategies to overcome them, National Dairy Plan. Quality assurance at DCS and Dairy Plant. Problems associated with quality of milk.  Strategies for increasing milk procurement - Concept of 'Depth' and 'Spread'. Fodder Production & Conservation (area specific), Importance of values in collective action. Communication & Extension in field work. Grievance Redressal and role of field supervisor in addressing the same in relation to milk procurement activities. Concept of  NGCs as Complimentary cooperative strategies, how they differ from the existing system, and the Producer Company concept. Importance of breeding for augmenting milk production- recent developments with emphasis on INAPH. Importance of proper animal health management. Importance of Ration Balancing and demonstration. Understanding key operational costs and its implication on producer milk price. Achievement Motivation. Role of women in dairy cooperatives and ways to promote their participation

Visits to: Villages to study the functioning of a DCS and to interact with milk producers; Amul dairy and museum; Fodder demonstration farm and IDMC Ltd.,Dharmaj- community fodder farm, CALF visit

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