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Producer relationship management for new Field Supervisors

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Objective of the course :
  • Execute the tasks assigned in effective manner
  • Achieve the desired key targets related to milk procurement and institutional development and facilitate member participation.
  • Exhibit a high professional commitment and initiative for development of cooperative milk business

Focus Area
  • Understanding dairying as a growing rural business
  • Improve participation, coverage in terms of 'Depth' and 'Spread'
  • Facilitate awareness about improved animal management practices and latest innovations in dairy sector

Duration :  5 days

Target Participants : P &I staff (newly recruited/ transferred from other department)

Brief Description of the course : Topics : Evolution of Dairy Cooperatives in India ; NDDB and Operation Flood/PP/NDP ;Cooperative legislation and byelaws ;Milk Producers Organisation ; DCS-Milk Union-State Federation ;Composition of Milk ;Milk Procurement ; Factors affecting quality of Milk ; Record Keeping at DCS ; Achievement Motivation ; How to increase milk procurement, producer relationship management and grievance redressal ; Recent developments in Animal Breeding with emphasis on INAPH ; How to communicate effectively ; Film Show ; Visits to: Villages to study the functioning of a DCS and to interact with milk producers;  IDMC Ltd., CALF visit ; Milk Plant ; Quality assurance at DCS and dairy plant ; Fodder densification and management ; Role of women in dairy cooperatives ; Role and Responsibilities of Field Supervisor 

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