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Board Orientation Programme

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Objective of the course

  • Identify the challenges, including the growing competition, being faced by dairy cooperatives and formulate strategies to counter them
  • Comprehend the roles and responsibilities of directors to participate actively in board meetings for making policies to facilitate growth of their Milk Unions to meet the long term objectives
  • Recognize the importance of values, good governance and professional management in an economic enterprise
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of their Milk Union and formulate strategies to run their business profitably
Focus Area : Better business by the Milk Union through good governance and a professional approach  
Batch Size : 12
Nature of Training : Residential
Duration : 3 Days
Target Participants :  Elected Directors of Milk Unions including the MD/CEO/GM

Brief Description of the course : Challenges faced by dairy cooperatives and strategies to overcome them. National Dairy Plan. Presentation on performance of the Milk Union during last 5 years, SWOT Analysis. Importance of value-based institutions, Mission statement.  Long-term objectives.  Roles and responsibilities of Board of Directors.  Board-Management relations. Milk procurement and coverage. IDIS and GIS systems.  Trends in Milk Marketing.  New initiatives in productivity enhancement, in view of NDP.  Breeding and Nutrition Aspects, Ration Balancing Programme. Area specific animal health related issues.  Quality assurance.  Participation of women in dairy cooperatives.              

Visit to DCS: Kaira Milk Union, GCMMF, Vidya Dairy, IDMC Ltd and CALF 

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