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Fodder Production & Conservation

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Objective of the course : 
  • To realize the participants, need of enhancing production & availability of green fodder for economic milk production by introducing improved varieties of forages, utilizing existing natural resources and sustainable technologies in future.
  • To propagate fodder conservation practices for minimizing fodder wastages and enhancing its utilization efficiency.  
Focus Area : To ensure adoption /cultivation of latest high yielding and nutritive varieties of fodder crops among dairy farmers in order to increase green availability in the country.

Batch Size : 15

Nature of Training : Residential

Duration : 5 days

Target Participants : Agricultural officers, Field Veterinarians and others officers involved in extension of fodder development.  

Brief Description of the course : Importance of feeding green fodder to livestock, Demand vs.  availability, Year –round green fodder production technology and commercial fodder production, Development and management of forage crop & grasses and Silvi-pasture suiting to different agro-climatic zones, Conservation of  fodder as hay and silage, Strategies and fodder interventions required to improve fodder availability, Enrichment  & densification of crop residues

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