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Artificial Insemination Refresher

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Objective of the course :


  • To identify and rule out if  any mistake committed by the AI technicians through initial assessment.
  • To enable the participants to resolve the farmers problems pertinent to reproduction and fertility.
  • To provide the participants an understanding of the latest techniques of control and prevention of problems related to fertility in cattle and buffaloes.
  • Impart latest knowledge in artificial insemination, frozen semen dose production and the protocol followed to help the AI workers in the field. 
  • To apprise the participants on latest feeding trends for dairy animals for improving productivity through balancing ration
  • To enlighten on activities of frozen semen banks operating in different sectors in the country

Focus Area :



  • Efficient delivery of AI services to the farmers
  • Use of Progeny tested, Sib tested and sexed semen
  • Control and prevention of infectious diseases and protocol followed
  • Ration Balancing System - a tool for balance feeding.
  • Use of pedigreed semen for production of quality animals


Batch Size : 20

Nature of Training : Residential

Duration : 5 days

Target Participants :  Practicing AI Technicians with 2-3 years of experience in conducting AI.The participant should have been trained earlier by some institute, NGO and must hold a certificate of the training.

Evaluation Session - Role of AI in livestock improvement in India. Understanding the salient features of Oestrous & Oestrous cycle & its endocrinological regulation. Discussion on erroneous inseminations. Common errors committed while doing AI and Thawing of Semen straw. Discussion of common causes of AI failure, proper technique of insemination and importance of asepsis in AI. Common mistakes in handling of Liquid Nitrogen  Containers & transportation of Frozen Semen at field level.   AI management in field. Semen Stations in the Country and suppliers of pedigreed semen across the country. Importance of Progeny tested, Sibtested and sexed semen, their availability.
Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), the latest tool to maintain and monitor AI activities in the field by the AI worker. Ration Balancing System(RBS) a tool to balance ration for improving production and reproductive efficiency of dairy animals.
Latest trend in control and prevention of infectious diseases
Reporting system

Hand On Training: This includes palpation of female genital organs followed by passing of AI gun in live animals, Preparation of AI Gun, Fodder conservation techniques ( Silage, Hay and Urea treatment)

Study visit: Visit to Cattle Feed Plant, Semen Bank, Feed Analysis laboratory and Visit to Dairy plant constitute part of the AI basic programme.


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